Brexit Statement - our supply position through and post Brexit

With the onset of Brexit rapidly looming several customers have enquired regarding supplies post BREXIT.

For your information I can confirm we have been planning and working on our post Brexit position for some considerable time.

As a consequence we have significantly increased our stock levels covering our entire product range with the exception of fresh perishable foodstuffs that have a short use by date.

In addition we continue to work extremely closely with our excellent supplier base replenishing all stocks weekly as may be required so that our higher levels of stock are continually maintained.

As a result of our BREXIT planning and action we can confidently assure all customers that supplies of most if not all products will be uninterrupted both through BREXIT and the post period thereafter.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Trevor J. Stimpson


25th September 2019.

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