Rock Solid Race Silverstone Woods

On Saturday 29th Oct – a team of nine members of staff bravely completed the 15km Rock Solid race at Silverstone Woods in Buckinghamshire. The course was extremely challenging and littered with an array of different types of obstacles and water features. It took the guys around 3 hours to complete the course but I’m pleased to report that everyone managed to overcome all of the obstacles thrown their way.

The team started and finished the race together and shared plenty of laughs along the way.... everyone really enjoyed themselves (or that’s what they said anyway!) but it goes without saying there were quite a few sore muscles and bruises as a result.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we would highly recommend doing this or a similar type of event as a team building exercise. There are already a few people talking about doing it again next year!

Massive congratulations to everyone who participated and also a big thanks to all the friends and family members who came to support and encourage the team.

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