How to predict the next big thing – that's the million dollar question!

As we're all more than aware, the Foodservice industry is a complex and ever evolving business landscape, which is why it's one of the most exciting industries to work within. Each year industry experts try to predict the next big thing to help manufacturers, suppliers and operators get a head start over the competition.

We're no different here at Waterdene and are always keeping our eyes and ears to the ground to stay in touch with the latest industry trends and trying to predict the next big flavour - whether it's "Piri Piri", "Mexican & Caribbean" cuisine or the infamous “Pulled Pork”.

Here is a really insightful trendspotting report - "Hot in the Kitchen" by William Murray PR agency - which we're sure you'll find very interesting and a useful tool based on the latest insights from chefs, bloggers, foodies, journalists, researchers and consultants.

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